Analysis of the Amendment of Law No. 14 to Re-open the Registration of Political Associations

Only 55 days are remaining Somaliland’s combined election date scheduled for the House of Representatives and the Local Councils; however, the House of Representatives started to debate the Regulation of Political Parties/Associations’ amendment Law (Law No. 14/2011). This law is very sensitive and very important to Somaliland’s democratization process. Furthermore, this law governs and regulates the establishment of political associations, the registration, and the internal democracy of political parties. This law also establishes the Committee for the Registration of Political Parties/Association, which oversees the establishment and registration of the Political Associations and, issuing the license to the winning national Political Parties. The Current License of the three National Political Parties is ten years and will expire in December 2022. 

The current Regulation of Political Parties Law (Law No. 14/2011) recognizes that the three political parties who receive the most seats of local council elections become national political parties in ten years term. But the Local Councils Election is happening after 55 Days, and the term of the Political Parties is expiring December 2022. So, Members of the House of Representatives started to amend the current Regulation of Political Parties/Association Law (Law No. 14) to answer that question. 


On 7th March, 2021, the House of Representatives of Somaliland discussed its agenda for the 45th session. The MPs who attended that session prioritized the amendment of the Regulation of Political Parties/Associations Law (Law No. 14/2011). At the end of the session, the Speaker of the House, Baashe Mohamed Farah, announced that the House’s chair would nominate a committee from the House members to review Law No. 14/2011.


On 13th March, 2021, the Speaker of the House, Baashe Mohamed Faarah, nominated a special committee consisting of 6 MPs and two lawyers from the House of Representatives to review the Regulation of Political Association Law, suggest the articles needed to amend.


On 3rd April, 2021, The Special Committee presented and shared the House with their recommendations of the amendment of Law No. 14/2011. The Election Monitoring Office of CPA found a copy of the recommendations from the Special Committee of the House of Representatives; these are the main points that are included in their proposal:2