Arrested Candidates During the Pre-Election Season


On March 25, 2021, Somaliland Security forces arrested Shucayb Mohamed Muuse, a parliamentary Candidate of UCID Party from Maroodi-jeex Region. Yusuf Kayse Abdillahi, Information Secretary of the UCID Opposition Party confirmed the detention of their candidate. both the Opposition parties and the Civil Society including Center for Policy Analysis Condemned the arrest of the candidate.

Still the candidate is in prison and the government did not give any further information related to his arrest. Shucayb was a former cabinet minister and an elected local candidate in Gebilay District. 

Now, he is the shadow minister of Agriculture of UCID Party. the Chairman of UCID Faysal Ali Warabe condemned the arrest of their candidates. he reassured his supporters that the party submitted his candidacy papers to the National Electoral Commission and he is included the Parliamentary candidates of UCID Party.

On April 8th, the security forces released Shucayb Mohamed Muse without any charges.


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The Arrest of Raage Ahmed Yusuf and Mohamud Ahmed Jama

On February 08, 2021 Somaliland Security Forces arrested two candidates from UCID party who was preparing to launch their candidacy. Yusuf Kayse Abdillahi, the Spokesperson of UCID Party  Condemned the arrest of two candidates just before their announcement ceremony on Thursday.

The Security agencies who arrested and the government did not give any explanation related to their detention. But the Opposition parties and the Civil Society including Center for Policy Analysis condemned the arrest of the candidates. 

Raage Ahmed Yuusuf was running the House of Representatives of Maroodi-jeex Region, while Mohamud Ahmed Jama was running the Local Council of Hargeisa. the two candidates were released on March 07, 2021, nearly after one month of their arrest without giving any justification for their detention.

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Unnamed Candidates from Kulmiye arrested

On March 31st, 2021 The Spokesperson of the Ruling Party of Kulmiye Abdinaasir Buuni mentioned that a number of candidates from his party was arrested in both Awdal Region and Caynaba District of Sool Region.

The Spokesperson did not give any further explanation about the number of candidates, the dates arrested, why they was arrested and if they are released or not, but the Spokesperson confirmed that the arrested candidates are running both the Parliamentary and Local Councils.

Parliamentary Candidate from UCID Party was Arrested

On Friday, April 9th, 2021, the security forces arrested Sh. Ibraahin Abdi Xuseen, a parliamentary candidate from Maroodi-jeex Region and also the shadow secretary for Religious affairs of UCID Party. 

The government did not give any clarification related to his arrest. 

Here is the candidate during his campaign