Somaliland National Electoral Commission submitted the three political parties, the symbols, and numbers that the candidates can use during their campaign. The candidates of each party were allocated 20 symbols for the House of Representatives candidates and 17 numbers for the Local Council Candidates. These symbols and numbers will help the voters to identify and can easily recognize the candidates they are supposed to vote.

NEC finalized the vetting of the candidates of Local Councils and House of Representatives from the three political parties. Still the National Electoral Commission did not publish the final list. National Electoral Commission finalized the Voter Registration, the Voter Card Distribution and most of the preparation of the upcoming combined elections.

One of the biggest challenges are, that the government is not following the code of conduct, since they arrested four candidates. The government released three of them but Ibrahin Abdi Hussein, a parliamentary candidate from UCID is still in prison in 6 days. Ibrahin is not only a parliamentary candidate but, he is the secretary of religious affairs of UCID Party.