On May 10th, 2021, the Somaliland election stakeholders, including the President, the three Political Parties, the Judiciary Department led by the Chief Justice, and the National Electoral Commission (NEC) discussed the final preparation and solving the challenges of the upcoming elections. The leaders who attended this meeting show their commitment of cooperation during the pre-election period and resolving any challenges come up pre- and post-Election day. NEC also, is planning to announce the final list of the Voter Registration Tomorrow.

The Election stakeholders agreed:

  1. That the Election Campaign will be six days in total, each party for two days. Each party will make big rallies only one day in all electoral districts, and his second day, the party will campaign within the districts.
  2. If any force majeure comes up during Election period, NEC and the Party representatives will discuss to resolve, and NEC will have the final decision.
  3. For the complaints, the three political parties agreed that the complaint cases should be resolved by NEC staff and Party Agents at the polling stations first, if not solved in the polling station, then they will appeal to NEC. Since 768 candidates are contesting, the Election stakeholders agreed that the Political Parties represent the candidates for their complaints on the courts.

All the three political parties endorsed these points and the well preparedness of the National Electoral Commission for the upcoming parliamentary and Local council Elections.