On March 25, 2021 the Security forces of Somaliland arrested Shucayb Mohamed Muse, a parliamentary Candidate of UCID Party from Maroodi-jeeh Region. Shucayb was the secretary of agriculture of UCID Party. Yusuf Keyse, the Speaker of UCID Party condemned the arresting of their candidate, and he told that the security forces who detained the candidate refused that anyone to meet him including his wife, lawyer and the UCID Officials.

Keyse, the Speaker of UCID Party said that Kulmiye voilated the code of conduct that the political parties signed 48 Hours earlier. Till now the government did not give any information related to the arresting the UCID Candidate.

This is the second time that the security forces to arrest a candidates from UCID Party, it was February 08, 2021 when the security forces arrested two candidates, Raage Ahmed Yusuf and Mohamoud Ahmed Jama Dhadoon, from UCID Party without giving any justification.

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