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Polling Stations

According to the 2017 Presidential Elections, Somaliland Elections were conducted nearly 1,642 Polling Station around all the six electoral regions. On 2020/2021 Voter Registration, the National Electoral Commission conducted the Voter Registration nearly 1,207. 

Find here the number of Polling stations in each region (NEC Final list of Polling stations in 2017)

Polling Stations by Region

Candidates Of Upcoming Elections

According to Law No. 23/2019, Somaliland has 23 Electoral Districts. Those 23 Electoral Districts has local councils with 249 council members. The Capital City will have 17 Local Councilors, while Hargeisa, Borama, Berbera, Gebilay, Burco, Laascaanood and Erigabo will have 13 Local Councilors. the Grade B cities will have 11 local councilors and Grade C cities will have 9 members. Also Somaliland has 82 members of House of Representatives. 

Together 993 candidates were expect to run both the local councils and the parliament from the three political parties.

House and Local Council Candidates


In 2017, the National Electoral Commission announced that 704,089 voters registered to vote the 2017 Presidential Election. on November 2020, the National Electoral Commission started to update the voter registration and concluded On January 13th, 2021. The preliminary data that the National Electoral Commission announced show that 424,691 voters registered. NEC printed the voter cards and distributed along with the returned voter cards of 2017. More than 1,120,000+ voters are expected to cast their votes on the upcoming Parliamentary and Local Council Elections.

NEC will announce the final list of registered voters.

Regions2021 Preliminary List2016 Returned Voter CardsTotal Voter Cards Distributed 20212017 Final Registered Voters