On May 16th 2019, it was hosted the second quarterly meeting of Democratization and Decentralization sub-sector of Somaliland’s Governance Sector Forum, where the participants discussion different issues, including Updates on Somaliland’s upcoming elections, democratization, gender issues, JPLG Program, Civic Education etc.

This meeting was arranged by Somaliland’s Ministry of Interior, as the Chair of sub-sector and Center for Policy Analysis, the secretariat of the sub-sector.

The participants was from the Government institutions like the Ministries of Interior, Parliamentary Relations and Constitutional Affairs, Information, Education, Health and Planning, Independent Commissions/Institutions like Somaliland Human Right Commission, Local Government Institute, Authorities of Local Governments Association, etc. and also the civil society and international organizations including Oxfam, UNDP, NEGAAD, Center for Policy Analysis, SONYO etc.

During the meeting, CPA highlighted the challenges facing the upcoming elections and how the stakeholders. also CPA mentioned that the mandate and term of the current sitting local councils was Expired 28/04/2019, and they are still in the office without renewed mandate.


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